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Become A CFO Plus Advisor

As the owner or CFO of a privately-held firm, you wear many hats. In addition to your main finance responsibility, you oversee HR, risk management, procurement, legal, IT and more.  If you get overwhelmed by it all, sometimes you may feel your goal is merely survival by keeping your head down. But with some guidance, you can move from survive to thrive and embrace all your opportunities for increase of the owner’s net income. Join us and find out how.

Coming Soon! CFO Plus: The Book

Fact is, the average CFO tenure is now under three (3) years down from double digits just a decade ago. Our goal is for you to avert this common fate. We are assembling the sum of a lifetime’s worth of listening, learning, and making mistakes so you don’t have to. If you are a CFO or an aspiring CFO, this book pulls together for you best practices from many industries and types of businesses to give you a firm grounding in some common sense – but not so common knowledge – financial wisdom you can apply across your organization right away using tactics that go straight to your bottom line.

Best Practices For a Strong ROI

Having been in the CFO chair, our advisors know the one thing you don’t have a lot of is time. So, we have created more than 100 Best Practice modules that apply to functions all across the organization, and each one is in a 5 minute read format we always wished we had. In one quick glance, each Best Practice covers all facets of the real job. We drill down and cover multiple aspects of facility, fleet, benefit and risk management, financing options, process protocols and even COGs. Because business is always changing, we will continue to add to the Best Practices as long as needed. Got a Best Practice you’d like to share? Got one you’d like us to create? Give us a call or send us an email.

Our Consulting Partners

The idea of being a “giver” is old hat to us.   People we’ve worked with can attest to how we practice – honestly, with integrity, and working collegially with our colleagues who are expert advisors in the financial field. If you have any doubts, we’ll refer you to a CEO/Owner who will tell you why you’re stronger working with us than without us.   Here’s the CFO Solution approach: we listen to your situation, refer you to people who can help, if you choose to engage with them as a consulting partner they remit to us only upon your success – at no additional charge to you.   Conversations are zero-obligation, initial meetings are free; call Gary anytime to chat on 215.421.8291.

The CFO Solution is the result of 38 years of experience, all in one library, with peer-to-peer support.

From One CFO To Another

“There’s little doubt that being in the ‘big’ chair as the CFO of a privately-held firm is incredibly challenging, rewarding, demanding and at times downright fun.  Why do I say fun?   Well, pretty simply put, I’ve met dozens of people whom I was better for knowing.  They helped me grasp, tackle and solve major issues as they arose, and to them, and my mentors long passed, I owe a debt I cannot repay.  So, this is my way of paying it all forward to you.  In the forthcoming book, I’ll present the ways and means to increase benefits for employees while reducing cost, share how I drove costs down by a multiple of my salary in every job I held, and how my approach as a “CFO Plus” can anchor your career and your future.  You are invited to download our best practices at no cost while they are in development to use and give us feedback. Thank you for taking the time to comment on the drafts.  The book will be published in 2018.”  – Gary Bender